What Makes South Texas Certified Home Inspections Stand Out

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About South Texas Certified Home Inspections

We’re a single-inspector firm that was founded in 2007 by me, Donald Rollins. I am a licensed professional real estate inspector and have been performing inspections in the Houston Metro area for the past eleven years.

My home-office is located in West Houston, but I carry out inspections within a sixty-mile radius of my home-office and travel to my clients if required.

Change is the only constant in the field, and I am beginning to adopt a more advanced technological way of performing inspections. Of course, the transition will not be an instant one as I still have to learn the ins and outs of all the modern technology and equipment that I will be using.

The South Texas Certified Home Inspections Difference

What keeps me ahead of the game is my dedication to my clients and the fact that I am incredibly meticulous. I always give the very best to my clients at an affordable cost, and I sincerely feel that any customer could benefit from my home inspection services.

My business ethics and impeccable commitment to an inspection are what makes me second to none in the field. Besides, I treat all of my clients as if they were family and that is another factor that sets me apart from the rest of my competitors.

Being in good standing with several Home Inspector Associations has also helped my cause.

One of my most significant achievements has been moving from a couple of inspections per week to now doing six to eight inspections per week. Due to the substantial increase in business, my goal is to expand my business to three or four inspectors within the next two years.

While I am passionate about my work and what I do, I also care about protecting the environment which is why my company is a green company. I recycle as much as possible and reduced our dependence on paper by storing documents digitally.

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